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The Mahl Bridge with Clamps and Accessories


  •  Introduced in 2006 by Watermen Art. (Patent Pending)
  •  Provides new capabilities for all artists and calligraphers
  • Never touches the painting surface
    Can be adjusted to any height
    Provides stationary arm support
    MOST IMPORTANTLY -- The Mahl Bridge separates into a top and bottom half. Draftsman profiles (such as French curves, ship's curves, straight edges, templates) are held firmly between the two halves. The artist can then paint those profiles accurately, confidently, and boldly.

    The Mahl Bridge Opens To Securely Hold Stencils
  • Made from hardwoods
  • Standard Mahl Bridge length is 48 inches
  • Can be custom ordered to any length
  • Sliders allow the Bridge to adjust to table and image size

  • Can Be Clamped to Canvases or Can Be Used on Horizontal Surfaces
    "If You Don't Own a Mahl Bridge, You're Falling Behind Artists That Do"

    * For examples of art produced with the aid of the Mahl Bridge, reference:

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    "I made the first Mahl Bridge because I wanted control when I painted delicate shapes (such as ship's masts and ship's rigging) and exacting architectural shapes. I wanted support for my hand and a guide for my brushes. The Mahl Bridge provides both. I hope you also enjoy the benefits of this handcrafted tool."
    Bill Hudson,
    President of Watermen Art

    "I've been using the mahl stick for years. By comparison the Mahl Bridge is so good it's almost like cheating! I've tried to find something wrong. I can't. It's GREAT! see Matt's art at"
    Matt Koch,

    "This is a fantastic instrument for adding special touches to my artwork. I love what it allows me to do. I believe this is one of the must-have tools for professional artists."
    Watercolor Artist