Ordering your Mahl Bridge:
To meet the various needs of individual artists the Mahl Bridge may be ordered in customized lengths. Also, Mahl Bridge Clamps may be ordered separately to easily enable the Mahl Bridge to be attached to any size canvas.

Choose the length of your Mahl Bridge
The standard Mahl Bridge provides all of the features required by table top artists. This includes height adjustment, sliders to vary the bridge span, and locking pins to secure the draftsman profiles. For artists who paint on canvas, please refer to the Mahl Bridge Clamps (sold separately).

4 feet (standard) $59.99  $29.99
36 inches or 3 feet $49.99  $24.99
72 inches or 6 feet $119.99  $59.99
84 inches or 7 feet $149.99  $69.99
Other (Please Specify) Call: 714-531-3135

Mahl Bridge Clamps
We also offer the Mahl Bridge Clamps which enable the Mahl Bridge to be easily attached to any canvas. For artists who use canvas sizes with a side depth of up to 2.5 inches, the standard 3 5/8 inch long dowel rods used for height adjusting will meet your needs. For deeper canvases please select longer dowel rods.

Mahl Bridge Clamps   Price:  
with 3 5/8 inch dowel rods (standard) $49.99  $24.99
Additional Height extenders
(sold separately)
8 5/8 inch dowel rods $9.99
Other (Please Specify) Call: 714-531-3135