"I have been using your Mahl Bridge for about a month now, and LOVE it. It makes things very easy, and helps fill the gap between techniques required both in painting and drawing/drafting, which is a crucial concern for my work. I love the built in versatility to use different straight edges, triangles, etc quickly and accurately. It saves a lot of time and headache of trying to get the line quality I need. It also simply makes a great hand rest to keep things precise and be able to work continuously, over wet areas, which was previously difficult and sometimes frustrating due to my painting in oil on a flat, horizontal surface. I am beyond pleased with your product! I will recommend it to everyone I think can use it."
Richard Heisler,

"I just want to say what a wonderful tool the Mahl Bridge is! It has helped me speed up my painting by at least half because I dont have to wait for portions to dry before moving on anymore! I just move the clamps and continue to work right next to the place I just finished. I must say Im surprised at how few people know about this wonderful invention. I realize its not inexpensive but it saves money in the long run because I can finish up work that would otherwise languish around the studio waiting to dry before I could continue working on it! And it sure helps the old back to be able to lean on it a bit as a wrist support. GREAT item!!! :-) So, thanks again for making such an amazingly useful tool that actually WORKS!"
Anita Gersch,

""I've been using the mahl stick for years. By comparison the Mahl Bridge is so good it's almost like cheating! I've tried to find something wrong. I can't. It's GREAT!"
Matt Koch,

""The Mahl Bridge is a great product! I used to use a Mahl Stick, and after long hours of use, my arm and back would get tired. I tried using other devices that hold mahl sticks, but they still have to make contact with the canvas, or have to be laid out horizontally unlike the Mahl Bridge which can be fastened at any angle! I discovered a few practical uses such as holding reference photos, and using the guide dowels with strings for vanishing points! Its great to be able to hold your palette and paint during the crucial final stages! This is definitely one of those products that needed to be invented already!" see Joseph's art at www.josephrivera.us"
Joseph Rivera,

"Terrific idea! I believe it will be very useful to any number of artists. I think it's great."
Jay Sagen,
Professor, Visual Arts Coastline Community College

"I started using the Mahl Bridge the day I received it and I'm already wondering how I got along without it. For accuracy, and for keeping my hands off of the wet canvas, it is perfect. I'm also finding that I can relax my hands knowing that the Mahl Bridge is not going to move around, as ocassionally happens with a mahl stick. An excellent tool - I can highly recommend it. "
Roger E. Murray, Graduate of the Academy of Realist Art, Toronto, Canada,

"I made the first Mahl Bridge because I wanted control when I painted delicate shapes (such as ship's masts and ship's rigging) and exacting architectural shapes. I wanted support for my hand and a guide for my brushes. The Mahl Bridge provides both. I hope you also enjoy the benefits of this handcrafted tool. www.watermenart.com"
Bill Hudson,
Watercolor Artist

"This is a fantastic instrument for adding special touches to my artwork. I love what it allows me to do. I believe this is one of the must-have tools for professional artists."
Watercolor Artist